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SJSU Spartan Mambo – Collegiate Salsa Champions

I had the pleasure of filming and editing 30+ collegiate salsa dancers from San José State University, Spartan Mambo! After all the trophies won at competitions, this is the first video project of the performance and competition team members. View the video below featuring iconic locations at SJSU. Dance on,

Cuba: 6 MAJOR Things to Know Before Visiting

There were MANY lessons we learned in Cuba, but six major ones I hope everyone can learn from our first-timer visit. THE TAXI DRIVERS SWINDLE: If you know basic Spanish a.k.a. can count to ten, speak it and know you can always haggle down the price. We didn’t understand how

VIDEO: Paradise in Trinidad, Cuba

“Without disaster, there would be no calm.” I remember in 6th grade, my teacher Ms. Castillo said this in Geography class. I wrote that down in my planner and since then, have been reminded that life needs one for the other. My previous post told about some of the “disaster”

Trinidad Disaster: Hiding from Security

It was past midnight and the air was humid. Seven were hiding behind one thick tree, with the bright hotel lights shining in our direction. We had all our small backpacks and bags with us, trying to figure out in which scenario that we did not get caught by security

Trinidad: Prior to Paradise

The four of us, Emily, Shakun, Nathaly and I, had spent the night in Varadero. The second day, the rest of our salsa teammates arrived: Royce, Zaida, and Ralyn. We spent an hour at the beautiful Caribbean beach in the afternoon and then it was time to go to the

VIDEO: One Night in Varadero, Cuba

Even when we arrived in Varadero–the resort city–we found the best dancing in the downtown area at Calle 62. Comment below and let me know what you think of my videos! I really appreciate the feedback. And I’ve just finished a video on our amazing adventure in the next town,

VIDEO: Cuba! Part 2 ¡Bailamos!

Join us on our dancing excursion… Today, we didn’t do much but buy Cuban rum and hang out with our housemates. I called our salsa teacher, Yohan, to book him for some more group lessons, and he ended up invited us to his birthday party that night. A CUBAN SALSA TEACHER’S

VIDEO: Cuba! The First 24 Hours

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Cuba Storytime: Day 3

I throw on the lights, all of us still snoring from the long day before. Eventually filing out of the apartment, we make our way down to Calle Obispo for a quick brunch. (Oh, how naive!) We choose a nice outdoor cafe with tropical trees hanging over, offering shade in

Cuba: Day 2

I wake up, forgetting all the Spanish I spoke the day before. Iraida, my host, arrives in the morning to cook me breakfast. What is this?! I’m not used to the concept of even someone cooking for me.Sol explains to me in Spanish: breakfast is coffee with a plate of

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