VIDEO: Cuba! Part 2 ¡Bailamos!

Join us on our dancing excursion... Today, we didn't do much but buy Cuban rum and hang out with our housemates. I called our salsa teacher, Yohan, to book him for some more group lessons, and he ended up invited us to his birthday party that night. A CUBAN SALSA TEACHER'S BIRTHDAY PARTY?? This was [...]

Cuba Storytime: Day 3

I throw on the lights, all of us still snoring from the long day before. Eventually filing out of the apartment, we make our way down to Calle Obispo for a quick brunch. (Oh, how naive!) We choose a nice outdoor cafe with tropical trees hanging over, offering shade in the heat. The salsa and [...]

Cuba: Day 2

I wake up, forgetting all the Spanish I spoke the day before. Iraida, my host, arrives in the morning to cook me breakfast. What is this?! I'm not used to the concept of even someone cooking for me.Sol explains to me in Spanish: breakfast is coffee with a plate of pineapple, plantains, toast, and torte [...]

Cuba: Day 1 

So the airplane lands in Havana. (I'm going to skip the 12 hour journey and two layovers there because that's not interesting at this point.) The first thing that hits me is the heat, humidity, and the smell of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. Yeah, I thought the last one was a [...]

Cuba: All Before Departure

Photo above: It was a sunny day spent walking along The Malecón. "Officially Avenida de Maceo, the Malecón is a broad esplanade, roadway and seawall which stretches for 8 km (5 miles) along the coast in Havana, Cuba, from the mouth of Havana Harbor in Old Havana, along the north side of the Centro Habana neighborhood, [...]

Cuba: Logistics

When I booked my flight on the 1st of October to Cuba, I booked it with my dear Norwegian friend and fellow Dragon spirit animal Helene. We found the hippest coffee cafe called Caffe Frascati in downtown San Jose and sipped our red wine while listening to a local Irish band and sketching out our [...]