Consumer to Conscious

I started a journey around four months ago, right after graduating college. In summary, I simplified my life:

e s s e n t i a l i s m .

I feel so great. So light! (Physically and mentally.)

My space is not cluttered. (I’m still talking physically and mentally! And so spiritually, as well.)

I’ve been wanting to clean out my life for a long time…life really passes by fast. But there were a few lifestyle changes I needed to make after all the build up of THINGS.

In the past few months, I’ve cleaned up:

  • my diet
  • my closet
  • my drawers
  • everything around my closet and drawers
  • my trunk

That was anticlimactic. Let me specify.


  •  99% of all make-up
  • 80% of my clothes
  • meat and animal products in my diet (gasp!) aka vegan (whaa)
  • perfumes (I still smell just as much)

p.s. When I say “rid of”, I mean donated applicable items to Sacred Heart Community Service.

Now, I don’t have much left. And that’s the perfect amount.

It’s been a wild lifestyle change. It’s exciting to rewire my brain to think differently. “What if I didn’t pick out which pair of blue jeans to wear? What if I only had one pair?” I would spend less time contemplating things that I’ve very actively decided aren’t as important to me as other things. Instead, I could spend that time prioritizing my tasks for the morning.

For me, being a consumer is dramatic. (It’s expensive financially, environmentally and emotionally. Always needing something more.) Being conscious is not.

Once you take out all the noise, what is left?

For me, it was breath. Peace. Harmony.

With the guidance of Project333, good ole Dr. Fuhrman’s plant-based diet, a friend’s pamphlet about Bob Harper the pig, our compost wheel, documentaries, and lots of fun research, I’m feeling less hazardous to the environment and myself.

There were just too many options of too many things. I had to purge myself of all the un-necessities.

I mean what more do we need in life, except for the essentials?

Don’t worry, I’ll be writing a lot more on my journey of minimalism. I think it’s a true journey finding each of our own essentials. Our essentials are not the same as our parents.  My essentials are not the same as your essentials. And yours are not mine. 😀 I guess that’s one way to describe the journey of life: finding our essentials.

I’ll share my journey in following posts, but please remember: We are all on different paths and different paces. If my transitional journey strikes a chord, please read on. If not, that’s ok.

I know that’s what everyone says, but once we truly stop worrying about what everyone else expects/likes, I think we’ll happily find ourselves exactly where we need to be.

Oh hey, glad you’re here. 😉



2 Replies to “Consumer to Conscious”

  1. Keep doing what you are doing! This is Awesome! I met you briefly during the graduation, you are Erika’s Friend and your energy is contagious. THank you for your post and stay with it.


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