Packing for Cuba

My first trip to a Second World country.

I’ll be taking my very loved backpacking backpack (80L).

My packing list: 

  1. Toilet paper (Advice from other visitors…apparently we should bring a lot?)
  2. Clothes/toothbrushes to hand out (People need necessities, on average make $20/month.  Also, after taking a pic or having them take a pic, it is expected we thank them with something.)
  3. BUG SPRAY (Okay, technically a Mosquito Repellent Fan Kit? How have I never heard of this before! Bugs eat me alive, no matter the type of bug spray. Even though OFF! melted my nail polish and water canteen design, I’ve still been desperate enough to use it. No more! Thanks OSH.Zika is around, plus people get sick from mosquitoes there. But I can come up with plenty of reasons not to travel. Like diarrhea. Speaking of which…)
  4. Pepto-Bismol (“Pepto-Bismol has been used for a number of years to prevent travelers’ diarrhea. Studies show that if adults take the equivalent of two tabs four times a day, it can decrease the incidence of travelers’ diarrhea up to 60%.
    Now, many people who take that amount of Pepto-Bismol end up with severe constipation. I take two tabs twice a day when I go into a risky situation. I do believe that it is very helpful, but most recommend if you’re going to do this, that it should just be for short-term — up to three weeks.” Link to page here.)

  5. Hand Sanitizer (My skin is allergic to the alcohol in it, but if it has a chance of beating traveller’s diarrhea…)
  6. Batteries (for the repellent fan kit lol)
  7. Power plug adapter (for three pronged plugs like my laptop)
  8. Laptop and charger (journalism at its finest)
  9. Camera (fix it first) and charger
  10. Not a drone (bc they’re illegal :*( )
  11. Traveller’s wallet/fanny pack
  12. Passport
  13. Cash for two weeks (no ATM’s for American Credit/Debit cards)
  14. Bathing Suit (winter in Cuba = 80 degrees and beach)
  15. Sunscreen
  16. Sunglasses 
  17. Hat 
  18. Backpack 
  19. Sandals
  20. Tennis Shoes
  22. other shoes to dance in
  23. socks (Idk if we’ll find a washer/dryer…5 pairs though??)
  24. underwear (same issue dangit)
  25. Deodorant
  26. Shampoo/conditioner (Idk what the hotels/bnbs will offer.)
  27. Toiletries
  28. Three shirts? (should buy clothes there to “blend in”
  29. One pair of breathable pants
  30. One pair of shorts
  31. pen and paper (why not)
  32. one book TBD

Is that it?


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